The Giftnell Kennel was established by myself, Onèl Orsmond, in 1994. Whilst the prefix is relatively new, I have been involved with dogs all my live. I acquired my first Border Collie, DJ CH Dester Karna, in 1991, when I was 14 years old. Although, Karna, didn't turn out to be the show prospect I had hoped for, she excelled in dog jumping and agility, and received provisional colors on 12 occasions. The beginning of a wonderful relationship with a wonderful breed.

In Jan 1999 I visited the Stavros Kennels to look at Jenni's recent Australian Shepherd imports and to book myself a puppy. I went home instead with a 9 week old Border pup and the rest is as they say, history. Thanks to Jenni for this one in a million dog. Kingston "STAVROS KING OF TH RING OF GIFTNELL" has with his flamboyant style, endearing look and loud mouth captured the hearts of dog fanciers around the show & agility rings country wide.

My foundation bitch Fame "LUCRATIF PENYFORYATHORTS AT STAVROS" was imported with her brother Lazer "LUCRATIF COUNTERFEITMUNY AT STAVROS" in August 1999 form the Lucratif Kennels in Australia. Fame and Kingston will be the foundation of our breeding program.

In October 2000 , two more bitches - Tuscany & Gossip - found their way to the Giftnell Kennel. They, together with Fame, will help me reach my goal:

to produce healthy and sound puppies, a combination of brains and beauty
the ultimate fun, show and working companion

Now, eight years later, 96 border collies have been bred under the Giftnell Prefix, all being eye tested clear at 6 weeks out of HD 00 stock. Including 10 Breed champions, 2 American Breed Champions, 4 Agility contact & 6 non contact Champions, 4 Dog Jumping Champions, 5 Fly Ball Champions, 3 World Agility Championship representatives and many more dogs close to being titled.

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