Our expert, professional staff travel from house to house following set appointments, providing all typical grooming activities from our mobile parlours, using warm water supplied from our modern IN-LINE geysers and hand held dryers, ensuring 100% comfort for your pet.
Our normal service includes:

  • Brush out coat to remove excess & matted coat
  • Check and clean ears & glands, clip nails
  • Warm shampoo wash & warm water rinse
  • Warm tick/flea dip if required in the summer months
  • Towel dry followed by hand blow dry
  • Second coat brush out followed by clip to breed standard or as requested

We require from you an electrical plug connection and a garden tap for fresh water.
the ultimate in convenience
AND SAFETY FOR BOTH YOU AND YOUR PET because we come to you!
No waiting - No travelling - Total convenience!

If you're in the greater Pretoria area, call...
082 866 1589