CH Lucratif Penyforyathorts of Stavros (IMP AUST)
HD tested: 00 / Eye tested: Clear

Will always be remembered for her love of life

Multi In Group winner
Dam of 24, producing:
4 Breed (SA & USA ) Champions
2 Contact Agility Champions
2 Non Contact Agility Champions
1 Dog Jumping Champion
1 Fly Ball Champion
2 Dogs representing SA at the Agility World Championship
5 Dogs competing competitively in Agility in South Africa


SA CH Lucratif Pennyforyathorts for Stavros (imp Aust) Marsean Riteon Target Aus CH & NZ CH Maghera Crystal Rythem Aus CH Finestyle Sundancer Aust Ch Maghera Croupier
Crestvale Eileena
Aus CH Maghera Crystl Cascade Aust Ch Checkmate Caledonian
Aust Ch Maghera Jubilation
Aus CH Minimbah Lauralee Aus CH Minimbah Hot Lyric 0878251 CH Minimbah Hot Pursuit
Koonanda Melissa CD
Minimbah Paint Thetown 0803329 Ch. Cheryla MacSpade
CH Minimbah Black Gypsy
Lucratif Barbwire Babe CD Minimbah Out of the Town Minimbah Outward Bound Maghera Cassanova
DombraeBorder Flame
Minimbah Paint the Town Ch. Cheryla MacSpade
CH Minimbah Black Gypsy
Minimbah Lightfanfare Aus CH Minimbah Littl Lightning CH Minimbah Hot Lyric
Minimbah The Redhead
Aus CH Minimbah Flashin Fancy CH Minimbah Flashn Free UD
CH Minimbah Black Gypsy